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Three ways to annoy your local government

1. Send Freedom of Information Act or State Open Document requests. See my post on that. 2. File a 1983 Civil Rights Act action against them. Section 1983 Lawsuits 3. Contact every local elected official you can with your

Getting information

Remember how I said it was your government? Well, so are the records that it keeps, with certain exceptions, and you’ve got a right to request to see those records if you ask politely and offer to pay the costs

Imperative and Discretionary Duties

So last note, I talked about the writ of mandamus and how that might a handy tool to have in your arsenal. The big problem, I said, was this concept of imperative, i.e. mandatory, duty versus discretionary. So here’s the

Mandamus and You

There’s really a pretty simple answer for many abuse cases, and it’s two-fold. First, get your state/county/city to enact realistic abuse statutes. Second, get the powers that be to enforce those laws. Easy, right? No. But it’s a lot better

Peeved at your local shelter/humane society/rescue group?

I really do get it. People who volunteer at humane societies, shelters, and rescue groups feel like they’re part of important missions. That’s a GOOD thing! Organizations want people to feel “part of”. It leads to higher engagement and mission