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Pet Trusts: Your State’s Law

Are Pet Trusts legal in your state?

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Is Your Facebook Auction a “Sale” or a “Contribution”?

There’s been some discussion in several places about how to treat the proceeds of an online auction. Are they “sales” or are they “contributions”? The IRS guidelines for completing Form 990 seem to say that the donation does not change

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Are Adoption Fees Taxable Income to Your Group?

I’ve just spent a lovely afternoon perusing  tax codes (state and federal) and doing internet searches in hopes of hitting that one solid gold article with footnotes and references cited. No joy.  But I’ve come to a few conclusions I

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Getting Your Rescue’s Dog Back

You’ve seen it before – an adoption goes bad and the rescue group wants its dog back, or a foster decides she’s keeping a dog. If it hasn’t happened to your group yet, it will. First, get everything in writing.

Hacking 101

The very first thing you should say when the law steps in is, “Could I see that in writing or can you give me a citation to that law?” Not any of the following: “Why?” “How am I supposed to

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Get it in writing

You rescue groups who are winging it with a hope and a prayer without having a thing in writing and the most spurious of all legal structures in place, filing the wrong tax forms and routinely ending up getting stiffed

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