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Pet Trusts: Your State’s Law

Are Pet Trusts legal in your state?

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Beginner’s Guide to Evidence

Here’s how you should think about EVIDENCE: 1. Is it relevant? Does it make one set of facts more or less likely to be true? 2. Is it UNFAIRLY prejudicial? (Note “unfairly”. All decent evidence is prejudicial one way or

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Course Guarantee

We are committed to your success! All the instructors in these courses have years of experience and if you find anything confusing or difficult, just add a comment and we’ll coach you through it. If we’re completely unable to help


Cyn Mobley Law is serious about protecting your online privacy. This Privacy Statement explains our views and practices concerning privacy, and how they may pertain to you as a user of our website. You or Your means you as a


I’M A LAWYER — BUT I’M NOT YOUR LAWYER! Our courses are developed by and presented by both lawyers and non-lawyers. The courses are intended as general business advice, not legal advice. They do not address all the particular circumstances

Tax Exempt Nonprofit Status: Applying for it

Are you a charitable soul? Always picking up stray critters and the first to volunteer to help raise money for good causes? If it’s getting to be a regular thing, you might want to look into forming your own nonprofit

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Simple Will Information Sheet

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Rescue groups: getting your dogs back

So your adoption contract says that your group has the right to check up on animals you’ve adopted out and that they must be returned to your group if they’re no longer wanted, right? And your foster agreement says the

What being a lawyer’s all about

Can I tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “I love to argue. I should have been a lawyer!” Braaaaakkkkk. Loser buzzer goes off. Not a core competency. Lawyers need a nasty, suspicious mind (and I mean that