February 2015 - Cyn Mobley: Law
Month: February 2015

Mandamus and You

There’s really a pretty simple answer for many abuse cases, and it’s two-fold. First, get your state/county/city to enact realistic abuse statutes. Second, get the powers that be to enforce those laws. Easy, right? No. But it’s a lot better

Rescue groups: getting your dogs back

So your adoption contract says that your group has the right to check up on animals you’ve adopted out and that they must be returned to your group if they’re no longer wanted, right? And your foster agreement says the

Taking care of your pets

So you’ve made provisions for your pet in your will. Isn’t that enough? Nope. First, to be effective, the will has to be probated. That can take weeks or months. Until then, your pets are in danger. They could end